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Holiday Survival Guide: 4 Nutrition Tips

🎄🎁 The holidays are about family and friends, love and sharing. However, our excesses might lead to new unnecessary resolutions during the new year. Here are some nutrition tips to enjoy the holidays in a happy and healthy (body and mind) way, regret-free. 🍖 1. Take your time ⌛️ Taking the time to taste and savour every single… Continue reading Holiday Survival Guide: 4 Nutrition Tips

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Sweet Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus

Do you sometimes crave chips and dips or a little salty treat? This sweet roasted bell pepper hummus recipe can satisfy your sweet and salty taste! 🚫 Unlike commercial hummus that usually contain added fats, this recipe has NO added sugar and NO added oils, which makes this a healthy yet delicious alternative. Servings: 10 portions… Continue reading Sweet Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus

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Decadent Double Chocolate Cookie-bites

What to do with ripe bananas other than smoothies and banana cake? Try out these healthy double chocolate bites for a change! Servings: 30 cookies Difficulty: Easy Preparation time: 20 minutes Ingredients: 3 ripe bananas 2 cups of oats 4 large egg whites or 1/2 cup of egg whites 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips 1/4… Continue reading Decadent Double Chocolate Cookie-bites

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How to Make the Best Yogurt Choice for Your Needs

Dairy products, such as yogurt can be good source of protein to help with muscle gain/maintenance, and an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D to keep bones strong. However, with the growing market, how should we choose the best yogurt for our heath and wellness? As many of you already know, fats from dairy… Continue reading How to Make the Best Yogurt Choice for Your Needs

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Creamy Baby Potato Salad

Getting ready for summer barbecues or pot lucks and need healthy ideas? If you love potato salad and want to have some guilt-free (and fat-free), check out this recipe! Servings: 8 portions Difficulty: Medium Preparation time: 1 hour Ingredients: 1.5 - 2 lbs of baby potatoes, halved 1/2 cup of plain 0% fat yogurt 2 tablespoons… Continue reading Creamy Baby Potato Salad

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Food labels: Simply Understanding Nutrition Facts

Sometimes, with the complexity of food labels out there it is so difficult to choose the best product. Food labels or nutrition facts are present on all packaged and processed foods. This guide will help you pick out your food products in a simple way based on their nutrients! 👍 Another important aspect to look at… Continue reading Food labels: Simply Understanding Nutrition Facts

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How food can help you prevent cancer

Chronic diseases such as cancers are greatly present and often lethal. In fact, cancer is the cause of 30% of deaths, and over 202 400 cases have been diagnosed in Canada in 2016. This is why we need to prevent and stop this problem as of now! Follow these 6 tips to maximize cancer prevention! The word… Continue reading How food can help you prevent cancer

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4 Tips to Reduce Fat Intake (the bad kind of fat)

Yes, we need fats in out diet!  However, most North Americans already consume this energy-dense nutrient in excess... And we all know that too much is like not enough. Keep on reading to learn about tips to reduce the amount of harmful fats in your daily food habits. 1. Limit ultra-transformed foods When grocery shopping, try going… Continue reading 4 Tips to Reduce Fat Intake (the bad kind of fat)